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Selenium drum powder how to solve the _ printer drum unit leakage powder _ leaking drum unit - Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-06
Laser printer now the price is low, the printing speed is so fast, so use the laser printer. When people use the laser printer, may meet printer drum powder leakage this kind of situation, lead to can't print or affect the print quality. The drum unit leakage powder how to solve? Let me to introduce several common printer drum powder leakage.
in general, just bought new drums drum unit is rare in powder leakage, if also can appear powder leakage, may be cracked or powder storehouse is seal not completely sealed magnetic roller and the gaps between the powder storehouse, meet with this kind of drum powder leakage situation only for merchants to your replacement. Another situation is just bought back the drums started with no leakage of powder, then slowly powder leakage from the drum unit, this kind of circumstance is likely waste powder storehouse of waste powder filled with scrap need to clear it. If I don't know how to remove waste powder, can refer to 12 a se drum plus powder. Still have a kind of situation is played out a few small black spots on the paper, the drum unit powder leakage may be clean scraper appeared problem, the solution is to replace cleaning scraper can be solved
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