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( Selenium drum manufacturers] Selenium drum manufacturers to participate in 12 terms expo in 2015

by:Colorunion     2020-09-10
unit manufacturer of selenium drum manufacturers to participate in the 2015 best expo intelligent manufacturing and equipment exhibition TTF attending, 12 exhibition location in guangzhou international purchasing center exhibition hall, intelligent manufacturing and equipment exhibition for October 15 - 18, drums manufacturers toner cartridge unit manufacturer booth number: c169a/c170, located in the O2O manufacturing area with 3 d toner cartridge unit information service, welcome new and old friends to visit and exchange, or directly toll-free hotline: 400-0755226 consultation. It is understood that the expo will be set up in the area along the 'exhibition, and continue to set up' asia-europe cooperation and exchange exhibition of small and medium-sized enterprises ', 'honorary guest area, central and eastern Europe area. At the same time, will also be a international symposium on the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises at home and other business activities and rich content of form a complete set of BBS and other activities. Organizers estimate that the expo exhibitors attending and regions will not less than 20, participating enterprises abroad not less than 500. At present, the secretariat of the organizing committee has nearly 40 ( Area, organization) Overseas ZuZhan institutions issued the invitation letter, for South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Poland and Hong Kong and Taiwan pavilion exhibitors and reservation for nearly 500 international standard booths. In the expo exhibition of increased specialization, marketization reform, further enrich the connotation of the internationalization, will further expand international exchanges and cooperation of small and medium-sized enterprises, set up and many real and regional exhibition, trade, exchange and cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises an effective platform.
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