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Selenium drum factory teaches you drum unit carbon powder

by:Colorunion     2020-09-15
Toner: also known as color adjustment, commonly known as toner, powdered ink is used for the electrostatic imaging, it with the carrier agent, participate in the development process, and finally by fixing form text or image on the paper. In its particle size 5 to 12 microns, positive or negative charge. In selenium drum factory production of carbon powder, generally has the following function 1, resin - — Main imaging material, constitute the main body of carbon powder components: 2, carbon black, — Main imaging material, have the ability to adjust the color depth, which can often calls grey black; 3, magnetic iron oxide - — Under the magnetic attraction of the magnetic roller, portable powdered carbon adsorption on carbon roller; 4, control particle charge -- — Controlling carbon powder friction with power usage of carbon powder uniform charged; 5, lubricants, Silicon) — — Lubrication, and at the same time control friction charge; 6, hot melt plastics ( Plasticizer) — — Controlling carbon powder melting point, carrying carbon powder in molten state infiltration of paper fibers, form a strong image in selenium drum factory tell you: the printed effect depends on the quality of carbon powder, carbon powder quality is bad, in wet and big temperature change environment, the use of aside time slightly long, will produce agglomerate phenomenon, in use process will produce damage to components of carbon powder compact, which affect the imaging quality, and shorten the service life of carbon powder compact. 2, drums through upper fuser roller heated the carbon powder, so that the carbon powder press after melting into the paper, different selenium toner cartridge, upper fuser roller heating temperature will have a deviation, wide melting point of carbon powder, cooperate with the upper fuser roller of different selenium drum performance is good, used in different drum unit has good print quality. 3, melting point, narrow the scope of the toner, print quality is not stable, when the carbon powder melting point higher than the upper fuser roller heating moisture, carbon powder melting is not enough, can't completely infiltration of paper fibers, causing the image fixing fragile; And when the carbon powder melting point is lower than the upper fuser roller heating temperature, excessive softening toner, stick on the upper fuser roller, fuser roller, pollution easily smearing printing paper.
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