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Selenium drum component testing - life Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-06
As material is the service life of the drum unit components, printers use dc controller to the life of drum and detection. Dc controller based on the photosensitive drum using time ( Hours> and drum the amount of waste powder detection, to determine the service life of the drum.
(1) using the time detection: dc controller reads the data in memory, on the drum when the cumulative use hours reaches a certain value, the dc controller judge drums to life.
(2) the waste powder detection: the printer has a detection device of waste powder, it consists of a light emitting device and a receiving device and testing of the circuit board. Photosensitive drum waste powder detection device structure principle and the detection principle, respectively, as shown in figure 4 Figure 4-27, 28.

in the ends of the powder compact light guide plate. Dc controller control detection device waste powder of luminous element, through the light guide plate at the ends of the powder compact transmission light. When waste powder less light is not blocked, receiving device can receive light. When the waste powder amount reaches a certain value, the light is blocked, cannot reach the light receiving element. At this point, the dc controller will think drum waste powder warehouse full, the service life of the drum to date.
any of the above two test to achieve a specific value, dc panel will think that the service life of the drum unit reach deadline, printers will cease to work, and through the control surface includes & other; Need to replace homemade drum unit & throughout; Information.
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