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Se drum plus powder must save money or not

by:Colorunion     2020-09-11
When the office, or family drum unit after toner not to do, is to add powder to drum drum unit or directly to buy drum drum unit. On thinking from the perspective of economic material benefit, of course, most of the consumers is to se drum plus powder to save money, the price is cheap. But se drum plus powder must save money? Believe the drums plus powder before users are likely to encounter such a situation, is when I take out your drum drum unit, find puzzling darkened, actually this kind of phenomenon often have found, because after adding powder, how many there will be some drums outer and inner residual carbon powder, some of these residual carbon powder in the use of internal fall into the machine, some is attached above the outer of the drum unit. When the users to take out the drum unit, residual carbon powder will be stick on your hands. Some users if not found on the drum unit with carbon powder, after taking selenium drum, touching the face again, 'catastrophic' results. In fact, the cause of this phenomenon is very simple, because at present a lot of office equipment maintenance company, is in the form of door-to-door service, so it is with the drums plus powder, and technical engineers and powder is a screwdriver and some simple cleaning tools, such as blowing balloons, medical cotton, etc. , such cleaning tools alone is difficult to the selenium drum clean after filling powder, if you want to let the drums on the residual carbon powder, less or even no residual carbon powder, so professional cleaning tools are essential. A professional drum filling powder cleaning tools, generally need to tens of thousands of yuan, the volume is very big, is not conducive to carry. And small cleaning machine also need thousands of yuan, volume is also very big, also does not favor the technical engineers to carry. It is because of this, drums plus powder has been plagued by many drums users, the user is not the company's purchasing management personnel, the company needs to save costs, lower cost of purchase of filling selenium toner cartridge, most users are crying again dare not say, can only silently to accept. If the user has met some technical strength poor engineer, that'll be up shit creek, after filling powder not carefully deal with, leave the problems for the late, serious leakage is drums of powder, carbon powder float in the sky. As a company ordinary employees, actually don't want to see such a thing, found that filling powder itself is based on the further processing is the drum unit, auxiliary and the rework is not professional equipment, it is easy to appear quality problem. So said drums plus powder must save money or not, this time from the above several aspects to understand and weigh the measure, that is not necessarily true can save money. So is there any good a perfect way to save money and health. Se drum plus powder must save money? Selenium drum manufacturers drums expert advice drums plus powder, pay attention to the following:, the pursuit of quality and affordable, Suggestions for drums drums plus powder once is enough. Actually drum filling powder can save the cost, it is no doubt, but se drum plus powder in the above output quality, stability, and has certain influence, usually many drum unit can fill powder about three times, three times after drum unit basically completely scrapped, add powder may output effect can just accept, some machines times irrigation powder is easy to appear problem, especially color laser machine, because a lot of carbon powder technology and chip technology is not very mature, so it is easy to appear problem. Second, print quality request is not high, it is suggested that much add powder to drum drum unit number 3. Because of different selenium toner cartridge quality is different, every time the output of the second and third irrigation powder effect is difficult to guarantee, and print effect will directly affect the quality of staff's work. Employees make a plan book, for example, content and format is very good, but in the process of printing quality is low, some quality problems or printing on paper, it is easy to be the customer or to deny it. Recommend a drum drum unit: drums manufacturers of shenzhen electronics co. , LTD. Its sunny brand cartridge again after 19 years of research and development, production and sales, obtained the domestic and foreign customers praise. Company has introduced a special bank, hospital dedicated drum drum, zero waste powder drum unit, has obtained the height of the market, but also win a high and new technology enterprise, drums are widely used in all continents 125. Learn more about the official drum unit: WWW. southyusen。 Com, welcomed the toll-free hotline: 400 - 0755 - 226
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