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Sciaky to 3 d print F - 35 fighter titanium alloy parts

by:Colorunion     2020-09-04
Recently, the philips service industries ( PSI) A subsidiary of & ndash; — Sciaky company is located in the United States, at Pennsylvania state university announced its breakthrough technology & ndash; — Innovation - metal processing Direct digital deposition ( CIMP - 3 d) Manufacturing ( EBDM) The solution. This technology will be used in the production of the fifth generation of stealth fighter F - 35 multiple parts.

Sciaky to 3 d print F - the United States Titanium alloy parts of 35 joint strike fighter jets

the Sciaky 3 d printing company

as the world's most expensive precision aircraft, F - the United States 35 joint strike fighter per at least 1. 500 million dollars, so expensive aircraft precision requirements for spare parts is also very high. It is because of the EBDM Sciaky company technology to produce the precision and quality are very accurate, so will be targeted by the us department of defense and arms giant, to participate in the F - 35 parts of production.

Sciaky EBDM solution for 3 d print out the titanium alloy parts

Sciaky 3 d print F - 35 joint strike fighter wing

Sciaky 3 d print F - 35 joint strike fighter wing

there are data show that the direct manufacturing process of Sciaky company is a large-scale fully programmable near net shape parts processing process, this process is a combination of additive manufacturing principle, computer aided design ( CAD) And the electron beam welding technology, the fully articulated mobile electron beam gun deposition step by step according to the CAD design of 3 d model of metal, directly sent to the print head will be printed materials, directly in the nose by the electron beam melting and print materials, deposition rate is 3 ~ 9 kg/h, until the complete parts processing. Print out the items of high precision, and basic does not produce any waste, saving a large amount of raw materials, can also reduce the cost.

Sciaky EBDM technology will participate in airbus parts printed
Sciaky company this technique as long as the purpose of the production of high quality metal parts, materials include titanium, tantalum, inconel and other high value metals. A lot of titanium alloy products manufacturing all come, all want to use Sciaky company EBDM technology to complete. Sciaky company, therefore, the future will likely continue to expand several times. Today, EBDM technology has participated in the department of defense, air force and lockheed's other research and development work.
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