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Samsung to launch color laser selenium drum C430 C480 and new products

by:Colorunion     2020-09-11
Samsung electronics co. , LTD. ( Samsung) Release to the launch of formal C430 and C480 series color laser and multi-function equipment. The C430 series including C430/430 W monofunctional colour, C480 series including multi-function color all-in-one, C480FN C480/480 W/C480FW four unity of multi-function equipment, including model embedded wireless printing with W. According to the publisher, C430 / C480 series specially designed for small and medium-sized enterprise users and home office, have the following main functions: 1. Easy to install. For home office users, toner cartridge unit initial installation more convenient, can realize wireless toner cartridge drive installation, no longer need through the USB or CD to install. 2. Can scan to email and mobile phone to print. Supported by the near field communication and cloud print function, keep the cell phone printing easier. Users via their mobile phones to print APP easily by completing the print, scan and fax, can also directly send scan files to the mobile phone. This series of drum unit can also be compatible with samsung cloud print, achieve more mobile printing experience. 3. High speed and high quality printing. This series of drum unit equipped with 400 MHZ and 800 MHZ processor core respectively, black and white printing speed up to 20 PPM, color printing speed can be up to 4 PPM. At the same time, samsung ReCP rendering engine technology to strengthen the text and image sharpness and clarity, will print resolution up to 2400 * 600. 4. Save the environment. unit is equipped with a key to 'ECO' and 'simple ECO drive' two big functions keys. Through these two shortcuts, the user can change the printed document level Settings, such as removing text in bold or print documents only. To make good use of these functions can be for the user to save 20% more carbon powder consumption. Samsung printing solutions group vice President of marketing and sales Song Sheng yuan ( DavidSWSONG) , 'said Mr New series products are increasingly mobile office appeal to cater to the user, in 70% of our target user groups are a number of printing requirements. To meet the demand of the ever-changing business solutions, and help users to optimize efficiency and cost savings, we prepared well prepared. Now have to keep pace with The Times of color laser printing product C430 / C480 series, this series of products for small and medium-sized enterprise users and home office users of office printing provides a better business solutions, to make their business more efficient. ”
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