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sam\'s club launches recycling pilot.

by:Colorunion     2020-09-28
Sam\'s Club and EnviroSmart are inkjet and laser toner cartridges recyclers located in Franklin, Tennessee.
Cooperate to provide toner cartridges and mobile phone recycling services.
As of October, Sam\'s Club customers can put down the inkjet and laser toner cartridges they use at the kiosks pavilion in the Sam\'s Club store, as well as their old phones and batteries.
The kiosk will also provide postage-
Pay envelopes for customers who like to mail empty inkjet cartridges at home.
11 Sam\'s Clubs in Alabama, Arkansas, California, and Missouri all participated in the project.
Participating stores in Michigan and Dallas have similar projects.
Fort Worth and Houston metropolitan area.
EnviroSmart recycles the collected printer cartridges and sends the collected phones and batteries to Michigan
ReCellular, a refurbished and recycler based on leading mobile phones, pda and other handheld technologies.
According to US media reportsS.
Environmental Protection Bureau, 1.
It takes 5 pints of crude oil to produce an inkjet cartridge.
It is estimated that it will take 1,000 years for inkjet cartridges to break down in landfill sites.
For more information about EnviroSmart and toner cartridge recycling, please visit www. envirosmart. com.
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