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'Ricoh good enjoy the' new print SP 310 series

by:Colorunion     2020-09-12
Recently, the ricoh officially released in the market the new print service pattern 'ricoh good print'. Ricoh printing is introduced, the enterprise in daily selenium drum equipment management, the company has always been for the drum unit wholesale purchasing, machine maintenance, office equipment, printing funds reasonable configuration of a bad headache, and the new service can solve the above problems, new print SP is nearly 310 series. 'Ricoh enjoy good seal' is the response to the requirement of speed up the development of modern service industry, relying on the information network technology, based on a new business model, service mode and management method based on the launch of the new service products. The service is convenient for customers to bring the following: original drum unit wholesale, environmental protection, high quality confirm print management system through the remote, before the old toner used up, a new automatic distribution to the toner. Manufacturer direct send original toner cartridge unit, enables users to enjoy high quality print and a healthy environment. Also save drum unit purchase, stock and funds management of backup work. Transparent visual consumption through 'cloud' meter reading, implement operation transparency and dosage visualization, users can browse and download print number, real-time implementation understand consumption, the use of one or more areas for many department, can realize management as a whole. At the same time, the management department can also through the visualization of data management, put forward the budget Numbers of high precision, management ideas to the company. The improvement of the equipment configuration to realize the rationalization of the company to reduce the cost of office, to clear accounts for their own use. After worry-free rent machine use, no need to for the depreciation of fixed assets and other follow-up work bother, also do not need to worry about repairs after the warranty period. Publisher said, 'good ricoh enjoy' model for SP and SP 310 SFNW DNW V 310 V, later will continue to launch new models.
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