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Resolution inkjet all-in-one maintenance skills

by:Colorunion     2020-09-14
As a commonly used inkjet all-in-one, often clean is indispensable, in general, each time replacing drum unit can of ink-jet printing for cleaning maintenance. Cleaning steps are very simple, use wet cloth to wipe the can. Of course, if necessary, also can use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to remove tiny confetti paper channel and dust. It's important to note that don't let water, alcohol or other cleaning liquid into print components inside, it might damage the machine. Noise from the other stents moved back and forth is a normal phenomenon, need not worry about it. The captain of the cleaning and maintenance a whole time after use, the glass will inevitably leave fingerprints, dirt and dust dirt, when in a photocopy or a scan will reduce performance and accuracy. To turn off the power when clean glass, gently with wet cloth to wipe, then use dry glass dry soft cloth. Be careful not to use corrosive liquid, can cause equipment damage. Calibration and cleaning the print head correction drum unit will ensure that all-in-one correctly when printed text or graphics dripping ink side by side, convenient calibration method is to use all-in-one utility and cleaning the print head alignment. In the find all-in-one equipment choice and continue to install all-in-one after confirm the correct model. Use the all-in-one after complete the driver installation. On the operation panel, press 'set' button, the Settings menu, select 'network'. In the network menu interface, select the 'wireless setup wizard'. In the find all-in-one equipment choice and continue to install all-in-one after confirm the correct model. Use the all-in-one after complete the driver installation. How to manually clean drums in the toner cartridge unit and ink if machine case, there was a break, the phenomenon such as partial color printing, suggests that some of the nozzle in the drum unit may be blocked. If you use the machine after washing drum unit procedure is still not improved significantly, can try to manually clean drum unit. Open the drum unit warehouse, slightly hard drums from the all-in-one buckle out will be removed. Found after remove the drum drum nozzle that has similarly in the bottom part of the integrated circuit, this is the position of the nozzle. Prepare a small box - 50 Around 60 degrees of warm water, put at the bottom of the drum nozzle in the water soak 3 - 5 minutes. Remove drums from the water, a little hard to dry. If the nozzle parts out of a small amount of ink is normal phenomenon, need not worry. Looking for a clean napkin blot selenium drum ink nozzle, be careful not to wipe the nozzle of the circuit board, is likely to cause nozzle blockage. Will and the drum unit installed back after cleaning machine to print a test page to see cleaning effect. If there is no improvement, that is about to go to replace the drum unit.
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