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Replace the drum drum unit don't careless

by:Colorunion     2020-09-10
New drum unit of choose and buy is a trick, everybody don't buy it. Drums manufacturers drums recommended when purchasing a new drum unit, be sure to check the original ink box model, and the purchase and the original drum drum, same model otherwise it may caused by inconsistent drum type drum unit can't print correctly. And before the new drum unit, must advance reading drum unit manual, and in accordance with the instructions in the manual steps. Replace the toner cartridge unit should be under the boot state, because replace drums, drum are in ink delivery system for filling ink, and in the shutdown state, the drum unit could not be detected reinstall the drums, so this process can only complete in the power-on state. At the same time, the part of the drum unit for the measurement of the ink capacity is to use the drum unit internal electronic counter to count, when the counter reaches a certain value, the drum unit run out of ink. At this time, after replacing drum drum unit its internal electronic counter is automatically reset, so as to confirm the installation of the new drum unit. Installation steps are as follows: 1, to ensure the drum unit has been open, open the drum unit front cover, selenium drum bracket will be moved to the central. 2, according to the handle of the selenium drum, toward their own direction. Then take out the drum unit from the slot. Note, do not touch the locking lever, just take out the drum unit, spill ink on the clothing and avoid or around. 3, unpack the new drum unit, and remove the orange protection cap. At this point to note: when remove the protection cap, don't put it back again, and be sure not to touch the drum unit port. 4, insert the new drum unit into the slot. 5, according to the handle, lock drum unit in place, make the drum unit bracket to move to the right. After close the drum cover, drum unit that is replacing a success.
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