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Regeneration drum unit wholesale vendors with original drum unit wholesale manufacturers the mark

by:Colorunion     2020-09-18
Recently, the drum unit manufacturers drum toner cartridge unit wholesale manufacturers understand the HP since its pointed out in the E-mail sent to dealers, ordinary regeneration drum unit wholesale is not recycled products, and its 'closed-loop' ( 闭环) The drum unit wholesale products are truly recyclable use products many times. HP said, ordinary regeneration drum unit wholesale produce waste. Because in the process of regeneration, the drums or drums were removed, and then assembled, some parts will be used again after removal, and some parts are replaced by general accessories, and then be discarded directly in the dump. Second, the common regeneration toner cartridge unit wholesale will waste energy. It particularly quoted Spencer laboratory test data to illustrate this point. According to Spencer print test results of laboratory, in the use of common regeneration drum unit or other non HP original print drum unit, due to the poor print quality, more than one-third of the print needs to be printed. Therefore, HP believes that ordinary regeneration drum unit than HP original drum unit requires more of paper, carbon powder, and energy. In addition, HP said, most of the regeneration drum unit are just after a one-time use discarded in landfills, manufacturers have not recycling plan and treatment scheme of these products. HP, according to the results of the survey shows that almost 90% of the regeneration drum and drum unit after use are dumped in landfill. Relatively, HP said its 'closed-loop' production of selenium drum has better environmental protection. Its recovery plan by PlanetPartners old drums products can be recycled and made into raw materials, used in the production of a new drum unit or drums, and any other surplus material will be handled with environmentally friendly. Above is basically regeneration drum unit wholesale vendors the mark with the original drum unit wholesale companies, to this, the drum unit manufacturers drums tell everyone: professional and technical personnel from the drum unit price for the average consumer is unable to bear the heavy, by contrast, general regeneration toner cartridge unit is in the interests of consumers of real products, it is worth mentioning that most general drum unit in the heart of the regeneration process environmental protection into the details, save resources.
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