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Regeneration drum unit wholesale quality more stable

by:Colorunion     2020-09-09
For reasons of environmental protection and resource conservation, overseas since the early 1990 s began to drum unit wholesale recycling work, the drum unit wholesale recycling have successful experience. In the United States, the only agency has thousands of recycled carbon powder compact, can be recycled every year 24 million carbon powder compact, reduced the 3. 80000 tons of waste, with an annual output value of more than $100. The United States each year, more than 7000 drum unit needs, there are thousands of recycling companies, 80000 people engaged in this work. The recycle of drum unit in many developed has formed a huge industry, foreign a survey: 60% of consumers in the use of the regeneration drum unit, the original drum unit is no longer.

in the government under the guidance of the development of environmental protection policy intention of selenium drum, 'regeneration drum unit wholesale' also has emerged in China, recycling drum unit, ink cartridges and its components of the work being carried out. 'Wuxi chao's computer, wuxi manzawa office equipment such as' professional drum manufacturers, have also started to action, and in a variety of practical action to support environmental causes. Regeneration drum unit is made of high quality environmental protection and biodegradable packaging and toner, and strengthen the orderly drums cartridges for recycling and reuse of work: on the one hand, will be used drums or drum unit via professional use again after filling, and provide the same quality guarantee and after-sale service to customers; Fillers on toners, etc, on the other hand, the requirements of strict, is non-toxic, harmless, does not produce pollution to the environment, and the production and circulation process of drum unit close monitoring, to avoid resource waste and environmental pollution.

'regeneration drum unit wholesale', is a matter of quality assurance. Computer industry association secretary-general of branch of Gong Binliang strongly calls for environmental protection administration department should establish China selenium drum drum recycling environmental protection laws and regulations, in line with international standards, 'regeneration toner cartridge unit wholesale' rightfully development. And to further strengthen environmental protection consciousness, to encourage and support the development of domestic general drum manufacturers regeneration drum unit, go the way of environmental protection, can make the drum unit of industry in China along the direction of environmental protection, healthy and orderly development.
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