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Realize the drum unit wholesale use erroneous zone

by:Colorunion     2020-09-17
is used long often there will be a waste of ink pad ink quantity is greater than the drum unit detected data, resulting in drum unit is damaged, or lead to the print quality is uneven, such as: when the draft print of discoloration, disconnection, bifurcation, etc. These troubles tricky question? Actually, want to see some erroneous zone, these conditions will be greatly improved. Myth: selenium drum unlimited add ink many people believe that selenium drum is merely a ink containers, as long as the drum surface not burst, can continue to add ink. In fact, this is a big mistake. Low first, inside the drum unit sponges have certain life, when the sponge repeatedly 'absorption and release' ink or use of this process, after more than a certain amount of time the sponge ink absorption ability will be reduced, so that fills the selenium drum ink will not be completely absorbed by the sponge, selenium drum ink in the parts of the nozzle pressure will become bigger, cause the ink flow from the nozzle. This is a lot of people complain that perform a refill ink as one cause of the original ink. Is more serious is that drum unit cannot monitor the shunt to the waste ink pad ink, so may result in the waste ink pad actually greater than the amount of waste ink cartridge again monitoring the amount of waste ink, super capacitors in the drum unit has not yet issued a waste ink alarm, waste ink has been spilled, causes the damage of drum unit. Second, between the drum and mouth into the ink is dependent on a rubber sealing ring to ensure drums and nozzle seal, to ensure that no ink leakage. Use for a long time or drum unit out many times will make aging sealing ring, sealing effect, cause the ink from the integration of seepage, this will make the ink accumulated on the nozzle and mixing, cause ink at the bottom of the mixed color, is a direct result of draft printing of color change, need to print more to return to normal after the draft copies of color. This can also lead to waste of ink and the increased amount of selenium drum ink waste. Thirdly, no matter how good filling ink, has some impurities in many times after filling or dust into the inside the drum unit. The dust in the ink flow will be taken to and adsorption on the drum filter, with the increase of dust, selenium drum filter will be blocked, causing the ink flow not free, so that there was a break line printing, etc. If the filter is completely blocked, may also appear unable to print, etc. Therefore, ink filling more than ten times or a drum unit to use more than a year, consider replacement new drums, avoid all sorts of problems. Erroneous zone 2: selenium toner cartridge ink waste super capacity, with a program reset can be low in the market now there's a saying, waste ink after super capacitors only need to run the selenium drum maintenance program, the drum unit waste ink counter reset. Low maintenance program actually reset just waste from the drum unit of waste ink ink counter reset, the drum unit by reason of nozzle cleaning, boot the introspection of the waste ink still exists. If we just will waste ink counter reset, without washing drum unit waste ink pad, in the process of drum unit to continue to work, the waste in the waste ink pad ink will continue to rise. Once the drum unit waste ink pad with waste ink, ink waste may flow out. If these waste ink flow drum unit power supply board or panel, will cause a short circuit of the circuit board, thus causes the damage of drum unit. Even waste to the ink spilled, when under the condition of selenium drum ink excessive waste, waste ink pad evaporate off steam will be damages to the drum unit circuit board, action mechanism and even the shower nozzle. Low, of course, there are some friends think when selenium drum ink waste super capacity warning, the waste in the waste ink pad ink is not full, do not need to clean the waste ink pad. Indeed, selenium drum ink waste alarm in many places, there is little ink waste ink pad and, combined with the drum unit alarm have certain allowance, so bring many friends 'nothing dangerous' impression. But we can't take this as the reason for don't need to clean up the waste ink pad, because a waste of the waste ink pad ink quantity, there are many variables, such as temperature, air humidity, the size of the drum unit if there is a leak ink, etc. , and even no time waste ink alarm when waste ink overflow, what about the second and third alarm.
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