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by:Colorunion     2020-09-07
Toner is laser printer supplies the most used. Toner is controlled by the resin, carbon black, magnetic oxide, charge particles, embellish smooth agent, hot melt plastics, and other materials into out after grinding and into tiny particles. Among them, the resin is one of the main imaging material, is make up the bulk of this toner composition; Carbon black is one of the main imaging material, have the ability to adjust the color depth, which said the blackness. Magnetic oxide is used in the magnetic force under the action of magnetic roller, portable toner adsorption on the magnetic roller, charge control particles role is to control the charge after the toner friction, uniform charged toner: lubricant ( Hang grain) Main lubrication, and at the same time control friction charge; Hot melt plastics ( Plasticizer) Role is to control the toner melting point, carrying toner typed into fiber under the molten state, form a strong image in the end.
toner blackness, waste powder is the main technical indicators. Bottom ash, etc. The development of the laser printer is done by toner, namely the electrostatic latent image on the photosensitive drum after adsorption toner, text or image is clearly shown on the photosensitive drum.
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