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Printer drum unit mistakes to do how to clean the corona wire of drum unit units - drum unit knowledge

by:Colorunion     2020-09-08
Printer drum unit mistakes to do how to clean the corona wire of drum unit

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abstract: the printer is common office equipment, but will always appear when using this or that kind of problem. A drum error is one of them. Printer printer drum unit mistakes? If you run out of toner cartridges, need to add toner and cartridges reset. If it is a drum frame reset, need to change drum rack. Follow below small make up together to understand the printer appears drum error solution in detail.

printer drum unit mistakes do

there are two reasons for this error message:

1, run out of toner cartridges, need to add toner and cartridges reset.

2, drums counter need to reset.

the reason: (for the first one Add powder and powder compact) Note: if there is a powder compact is determined directly to step 2:

step 1, in the shutdown state, open the front cover and remove the drum unit, separation drum rack and cartridges, in is on the right side of the cartridges, the lid of a powder storehouse. With long nose pliers clip open lid taken out inside the waste powder, and within the powder into the storehouse will match close the lid and add powder even if successful;

step 2, a clip on the left side of the compact, remove the three screws in the left of cartridges, rotate the clip to the other side, and restore the cartridges on the left side of the screw, compact reset even if successful.

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: (for the second reason Drum frame reset, replace the drum rack. )

step one: under the boot state, open the front cover, press „ clear/back 'key, the screen shows' replace the drum unit? Bring is ▼ no ', according to bring on the panel ( The corresponding key) +. After the screen prompts 'accepted', or to build machines into the ready state after preheating. The drum frame reset successful. 'Information, recommend replacing drum unit, and repeat the operation of' step 1 '. To solve the problem.

how to clean the corona wire of drum unit

printer tip is because the wire below the powder didn't clean out, clean mount. You have to put the drum unit apart, first with a small flat mouth screwdriver cross under in the little silver color swatches of spring on the side of the drum unit, and then take out intermediate bearing ( Just a iron) , can make the photosensitive drum drum unit ( Commonly known as drum stick) Remove the barbed wire can be seen. In a card pin on the side of the drum unit barbed wire, plastic, with flat mouth slowly become warped, can take down the barbed wire.

note: do not use flammable objects or any type of internal or external spray cleaning equipment. Otherwise may cause fire or shock damage.
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