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Printer cartridge again what are the factors affect the drum unit price how much knowledge and drum unit

by:Colorunion     2020-09-09
Printer cartridge again what are the factors affect the drum unit price how much

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abstract: it is well known that the printer on the market of drum unit price varies is differ, have high low. Some drum unit price gaps, some gap can reach several times, so the price of the drum unit no unified price. Under normal circumstances, the original drum unit are of good quality, high price not original drum unit price cheap, so you need to choose according to your own pricing drum unit. General small type drum unit is around four hundred dollars. Look at the drum unit price as below small make up together.

one, how much is the printer cartridge again

original: drum unit from 200 to 500 yuan, commercial print runs high some of the drum unit from 500 to 1000 yuan, and color laser printing a few thousand usually take four color drum unit price even more.

compatible drum unit: A4 the cheapest 30 or so, the most expensive around 150. Expensive is lying again, don't fall for it.

original old drum unit: 30 - 50 yuan, not more than 50 yuan. If not sell original drum unit depreciation, 30 yuan doesn't sell.

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2, the factors influencing printer drum unit price

1, depends on the configuration of the selenium drum

drum unit configuration is higher, the higher the price, configuration of the drum core and powder quality is higher, the price will get higher.

2, influenced by whether the new

office supplies market develops very fast in recent years, but there is no related policy to suppress a refurbished drum unit, so there are many flaws in the market. Many people recycle drum unit, for example, taking the old drums filling powder directly or renovation, the drum unit price will be lower, of course, but the quality of these drums is not sure.

3, the influence of the local market

according to the local market, drum unit pricing is all manufacturers must consider.

4, have original drum unit, gm is compatible with drums of

general original drum drum unit based on the model design, matching degree is high, the cost is high, the price is much higher than general drum unit. General drum unit sales because of the advantage of price in recent years has been very considerable.
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