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Printer cartridge again - life Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-05
Printer drum life refers to the printer can print the paper number. Printable paper amount, the greater the printer cartridge again the longer service life. Printer drum length is determined by the photosensitive drum life. For small and medium-sized office users print task to relatively difficult, should be willing to part with or use for higher load on the print ( More than 10000 pages) And long life of drums, Life is up to 20000 pages) Pay more to purchase cost & ndash; — These two indicators, the higher the reliability of the model in general, is more prominent or paperboard and & every other PaWo & throughout; , frequent replacing drum unit will greatly reduce printing efficiency, increase the cost of maintenance and the overall print.
the current commercially available laser printers, there are three basic drum technique, OPC drum, Organic photoconductive materials) , drums, Se Se) And ceramic drum ( a - Si ceramics) 。 Although are composed of aluminum alloy tube + photosensitive material, but the different materials so that it has the very big difference in the life and the cost. OPC drum life is 0. About 30000 pages, Se drum life 10000 pages, a minus Si drum life on page 100000.
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