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printer and acessories knowledge

by:Colorunion     2020-09-09

1。 Installation and use the environment is: the Celsius temperature 10 ~ 33 ℃, relative humidity of 20 ~ 80%;
2。 When printing to use complete suitable print media: don't use not neat incision, tearing, curling, fold, surprises, and staple the paper; However too thick stiff paper also will quickly Su Haoguang drum, so use less as far as possible, especially business card; At the time of printing film, some film coating for high temperature melt glue on the upper fuser roller, cause permanent damage to the machine, so the printing film pay attention to the film material quality.
3。 When replace the drum unit, it is best to place inside the vacuum cleaner cartridges, with a soft cloth to clean the paper on the accumulation of confetti and carbon powder, exposed electrical contact can dip in with cotton swabs alcohol to wipe, to adhere to the excellent electrical contact. Otherwise, it may cause printing color shallow;
4。 To check if photosensitive drum roll loose, need to push in the direction of the drum of shielding away photosensitive drum gear (a week 74 a and 3903 a, on the other hand) 。 Such as user inverted photosensitive drum, can make the powdered carbon accumulation between magnetic roller and the powder knife, cause leakage powder;
5。 Drums to swing cartridges 6 - before use Eight times, in order to make carbon powder porous and uniform distribution, and then to pull out seals, then carbon cartridges environmental selenium drum into the printer;
6。 Normally, if the machine appear TONER LOW, logo, printing color will be shallow phenomenon, this can shake powder compact, you can also print 40 - again 50.
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