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Print the handwriting becomes shallow?

by:Colorunion     2020-09-13
unit becomes shallow print with the text is a very common thing, I think this also is met every office staff. Shenzhen drums manufacturers drums manufacturers today to tell you how to solve this problem. In general the service life of the ink cartridges will be, will lead to print a white stripe or handwriting becomes shallow, so need to shake the ink inside the rest of the toner cartridges, can temporarily to improve print quality. Operation method is as follows: 1. Open the front cover, take out the ink cartridges. 2. Thoroughly shake ink cartridges for 5 to 6 times, made the toner evenly distributed in the ink cartridges. 3. Hold the ink cartridges handle slowly insert the ink cartridges the toner cartridge opening. 4. After close the front cover, ensure that the lid shut. Through the above steps, you can solve the problem of printing handwriting becomes shallow, but there are exceptions, this time need to replace the ink cartridges.
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