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Print out the image grey or rift of breakdown maintenance - Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-08
Print out the image appears on the clear grey, is the usual cause photosensitive drum or toner out of the question. And print image color is not uniform, white, obviously is usually caused by toner used up. If print out the blank sheet of paper; May be drum drum unit installation problem or damaged.
to print out the image appears on the grey fault, first check whether 'grey' failure caused by toner ( Whether to use the poor quality of toner, etc. ) 。 If so, replace the toner; If not, may be the drum aging or damage caused, can press the following drum unit aging treatment method for processing.
to print the image color uneven, there is a clear white fault, first of all, from the outside magnetic roller can also see the toner. If there is a powder saw some places on the magnetic roller, some places have no powder, indicates the drum cartridge is used, please add toner.
for fault, print out the white paper will first drums, reinstall good, whether the fault is ruled out. If the fault is still, then check the printer other part if you have any questions, Such as laser scanning system, etc. ) Other parts, if no problem, is the drum unit caused by damage, replace homemade drum unit.
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