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Print out the file fault maintenance - lateral irregular black belt Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-08
Print out the file fault reasons of transverse irregular black belt may be due to the photosensitive drum electrode contact undesirable, photosensitive drum scraper shear force is too large, the drum main gear rotates the jitter, photosensitive drum defective or incorrect installation, etc. Print out the file fault maintenance methods of the transverse irregular black belt are as follows.
1。 Check whether the photosensitive drum eliminate electrical contacts is good contact if poor contact, change the course of electrical contacts the original friction dissipation, then coated with conductive grease increased conductivity.
2。 Trapped if eliminate electric contact point contact is good, then check if photosensitive drum scraper lubrication ( Whether the shear force is too large) 。 Because long time after, the lubrication on the scraper powder friction disappear or clean the lubrication erase, can lead to scrape threatening the photosensitive drum forming large cut shear resistance, the photosensitive drum seized up, produce dithering phenomenon, fault occurs. If photosensitive drum scraper lubricated to daub a layer of lubrication on the photosensitive drum scraper powder, and then see if fault disappear. If the failure remains, replace the scraper.
3。 If the drum scraper lubrication is normal, then check whether the photosensitive drum is flawed. If photosensitive drum do have problems, replace the photosensitive drum.
4。 If the photosensitive drum no problem may be due to the photosensitive drum caused by incorrect installation. Open the printer lifted the lid, take out the photosensitive drum, can be installed to correct.
5。 If after the inspection, the fault is still, could be in the printer drive gear. Firstly adjust the photosensitive drum mesh of main drive gear, etc. , on the gear can be appropriately add some lubricating grease or oil, if wear a severe, fail to adjust, and it should be replaced the printer with photosensitive drum main drive gear meshing.
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