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Print is not completely processing method

by:Colorunion     2020-09-13
The following several methods are used on the toner cartridge unit is relatively common fault, and actually solve the drum unit fault mainly or judgment, as long as the cause of the fault can be found, we can through hardware or software methods for repair. , of course, people in the actual use of the toner cartridge unit will also meet other fault, so it requires you to have more drum unit maintenance skills, the following specific for a few drums of fault to show out.

a preview, print effect and different

this is commonly happens in a text editor, common, such as Word or WPS2000 in the preview format and tidy, i. e. , but the print out to find some fonts are overlapping. This kind of situation is usually due to the edit Settings fit into, the solution is to change the file 'page properties of paper, paper type, the number of words in each row, such as size, general can solve.

2, print the handwriting is not clear

this problem in peacetime use drums are very common, generally this is mainly related to hardware failures, such problems are generally should pay attention to some of the key parts of the drum unit. We are here to inkjet drum unit as an example, fuzzy printing color, the font is not clear, fault can be locked in the nozzle, the first to machines, automatic cleaning the print head if there is no success can wipe with soft, absorbent strong paper approached the print head; If the above methods still can't solve, only replace the drum unit drivers.

3, unable to printing large files

this kind of situation happened more in the laser selenium drum, may in the small print file or normal, but when printing large files will crash, this kind of problem is mainly software failure, you can check the remaining space on the hard disk, delete some useless files, or query selenium drum memory quantity, whether can be expanded.

4, select print drum unit no reaction after

general in this case, the system usually prompts 'please check whether the drum unit is online and cable connection whether normal'. General reason may be the drum unit the power cord is not properly; Print cable is not properly connected; Poor contact; Damage of computer parallel port, and so on and so forth. The solution mainly has the following kinds:

1, if you can't normal start ( The power light is bright) , check the drums of the power cord is properly connected, plug the power cord again under the shutdown state, and in a power outlet to try to see can solve.

2, if press the print drum unit can normal boot after the power switch, will go to the parallel port Settings in BIOS Settings. General drums with ECP mode, also some drum unit does not support ECP mode, available at ECP + EPP, or 'Normal' way.

3, if the above two methods are invalid, you need to check print cable, first turn off the computer, the two ends of the print cable pulling down to go, don't charged pull plug. If can't solve, try another print cable, or by using the alternative method.

5, print, incomplete

if you encounter such a problem, it is safe to say it's caused by a software failure, may change in the Windows95/98 print interface Settings, select 'start -> Settings -> control panel> system> device management - ports and drum unit - drivers to change the driver, displays all the devices', change 'ECP print port' to 'drum port' after confirmation.
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