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Principle of laser printer cartridge again - Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-06
Principle of laser printer cartridge again: drum unit is mainly composed of the drum and the ink cartridges, photosensitive drum is the cylinder surface coated with organic materials, with a charge in advance; The ink cartridges is the main component of carbon black and other chemical composition. When the laser printer, after receiving the print data generated by laser beam sweep on the photosensitive drum, was over the surface of the drum electrostatic latent image formation, magnetic brush developer imaging, latent image into a visible as toner, after transfer printing area, under the effect of transfer printing electrode of the electric field, the toner transfer printing on plain paper, finally the heating plate and high temperature hot roll fixing, which fused the text and image on the paper. Before printing graphic information, cleaning roller transfer go toner to clear the outstanding, remove residual charge on the drum light elimination, then through system thoroughly clean, clean paper can work entered a new round of cycle.
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