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Portable drum unit how to maintain

by:Colorunion     2020-09-16
Portable drums, generally carry batteries are available, and it has small volume, light weight, convenient pocket etc, so the portable toner cartridge unit maintenance also should have the following three considerations: 1, please use the original factory is equipped with power supply and cable, otherwise may cause sexual damage to the drums. 2, please use meets the requirements of paper roll, ( Such as the thickness of the paper, width, etc. ) , please clean drum unit regularly, pay attention to the movement thermal sheet if there is dirt, such as welcome alcohol with a clean cotton cloth wipe gently, so as not to affect printing. 3, please don't choose paper glue on the paper shaft at the end of the paper roll, otherwise this paper toner cartridge walked will not be able to correctly measure the end of paper roll, walk on paper, damages to the toner cartridge head with the mainboard. Above is portable drum unit maintenance knowledge, you now know, if there is doubt please consult drums manufacturers drums factory answer.
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