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Photosensitive drum - Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-08
Photosensitive drum OPC (for short Organic photo conductor, organic photoconductor) , it is in the circle of seamless aluminum alloy or ceramic or plastic coated on the surface of optical electric after layers of organic photoconductor. The drum is an important part of drum unit components, FIG. 5 2 the photosensitive drum in homemade drum unit.

the drum of the optical electric layer is mainly composed of delivery charge and charge layer. Photosensitive drum production process is different, its quality and abrasion resistance is different also, through visual can judge: surface gloss, color is consistent. Very thick photosensitive drum, its quality and good abrasion resistance, not easy to be high voltage breakdown and long using time. Photosensitive drum to avoid light, store ( It takes light storage and electric light damage optical layer) Do not use under the environment of the temperature change is big, Meeting on the photosensitive drum fogging, print effect variation) ; Is to clean the drum, then use absorbent cotton or wool cleaning with toner; Choose bad toner. Touch, oil, can make the drum of impact damage.
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