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Paper drum pressure rod position detector failure analysis

by:Colorunion     2020-09-18
Pressure paper rod position detector is a mechanical switch. Switch on, when the pressure bar paper fell to a + 5 v signals; Pressure paper rod rises when the switch is closed, signal OV. Paper at the beginning of the paper is raised, into the drop at the end of the paper, if the user set up 1/6 of an inch paper empty in EDS, pressure paper rod can stop for a period of time, in the process of printing down again. If pressure paper rod can not reach the designated position, drums will be an error crashing. Here is a example. Fault phenomenon: a AR3200 drums, into paper press paper pole lifted, frame on the left side of the noises, then freezes. AR3200 and do not need special relay AR3200 + type drum unit, but by a complex series of gear operation to complete pressure lever action of paper. Specific says, is that when the feed used car frame on the left side of the spring, push rod pressure paper drive gear shift to the left, and the paper feed motor gears contact, paper and paper feed motor to drive the pressure rod, to make it in place. Car moves to the right and then word, spring stretch, drive gear and the paper feed motor gears out of contact, pressure paper stop moving. The drum gear has been damaged, drive gear cannot drive pressure paper rod movement, frictional noises, due to pressure detector found paper rod can not reach the designated position, make the toner cartridge unit crashing. After replacement gear fault disappear.
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