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Pain evolution: the reality of 3 d printing and trouble

by:Colorunion     2020-09-03
3 d printing technology has become the most stylish technology with the most topics, even in the home, also somebody made a preliminary exploration and attempt to its, everyone have a vision for its future and look forward to.

although it technically has the infinite imagination and application of the space, but the road to the future really will be smooth sailing? Some potential problems that this situation doesn't seem to be so optimistic.
before, all of the prospects and potential of the stem cell technology in medicine is also have the same or even more looking forward to, however, due to the technology there is too much controversy over the ethical and moral, not only caused the intense controversy, at the same time, the researchers also raised the question, dispute, differences between science and technology and ethics never so severe.
in the end, the United States court banned the government funding for any research projects related to stem cell research, the eu ban stem cell technology, to apply for a patent in our country, the application of stem cells are also made strict rules.
I'm afraid that is can hit the baby model as well as the kidney of 3 d printing technology must face the same predicament, how to ensure that the 3 d printing technology can not only in medicine to benefit the public, at the same time avoid the ethical cause the question of the public, this is not just a simple technical problem, at the same time involved in the human society, religion, law and so on many aspects, for such a is still in the growth of technology, the pressure from outside tend to progress may be to stop the growth of the culprit.
if 3 d printing ethical is also cause people to worry about the future, then it on social security is to arouse people's worry.
it was not long ago, a man in the United States use 3 d printing since built a automatic rifles, after to test more than 200 rounds of ammunition, originally in a sense it highlights the power of 3 d printing technology, appear on the node at any other time will not have too many people pay attention to. But, unfortunately, just before the news release a week or so, but the TDKR theater shootings killed 12 people, 3 d printing technology is also inevitable toppled the forefront.
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