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Page size ink-jet printing technology will pull a new drum market

by:Colorunion     2020-09-13
Recently, in an industry network seminar the new view of page size ink-jet printing technology, will pull the new drum market, according to the imaging industry market analysis and consulting firm Photizo Group industry consultant Tim Strunk said. Tim Strunk said page size printing devices have great potential in the workplace, he said in the near future page size printing technology will be the impact of office printing market. The rise of Tim Strunk will page size printing devices in the 1980 s the appearance of laser drum unit to carry on the analogy. He think that page size drum unit may like on laser selenium drum market impact of laser drums for Daisy wheel drum unit and the advent of matrix the effects of selenium drum market. In the 1980 s, many imaging industry giants ( Such as IBM) Are focused on developing Daisy wheel and matrix printing technology, but HP products laser selenium toner cartridge, as it comes to Daisy wheel typewriter and dot-matrix drums soon obsolete. Tim Strunk reminded at the seminar, any imaging industry ignore the page size of the growing demand for technology of OEM is likely to make the mistake before. He also pointed out that prompted the page size drum unit there are many factors that can occupy drums market in the future. One of the factors for page size type printing equipment performance enhancements. Due to the page size and ink cartridge again can print black and white images, so companies can eliminate black and white laser drum unit equipment; The page size and ink cartridge again also can meet the demand of enterprise most of the color printing, so companies need to keep color laser drum unit for the print task. In addition, the page size and ink cartridge again for selenium drum manufacturers greatly reduce development costs. This type of toner cartridge unit has more simple structure, needs less energy consumption, thus not only produce less waste, and printing costs are lower.
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