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Packaging and printing project requires the use of environmentally friendly ink

by:Colorunion     2020-09-04
On January 23, 2013, hangzhou haze weather is over. Although the weather is not too big impact to the hangzhou people's lives, but hospitals indeed in this period of time the increase in the number of patients with respiratory tract infection. This is the environmental pollution of wake-up call again.

haze, also known as gray haze, A true) , refers to the dust in the air, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and organic hydrocarbon particles make atmospheric turbidity, blurry vision and leads to deterioration of visibility, if the horizontal visibility less than 10000 meters, the aerosol system composed of the water into the obstruction caused by called haze ( 霾) Or gray haze ( 灰尘, 霾) , the thickness of the haze is thick, up to 1-3 km. Haze particles distribution more uniform, and the scale of the ash haze particles smaller, from 0. 001 micron to 10 microns, and the average diameter of about 1 to 2 micron, invisible to the naked eye of air floating particles. Because the particles such as dust, sulfuric acid, nitric acid haze, the longer light scattering wavelength is more, so look yellow or orange gray haze.

the atmospheric pollution is to form fog weather is an important reason, for the printing industry, is most likely to atmospheric pollution caused by the ink. Is one of the important raw materials, packaging and printing ink is also one of the important pollution sources, was published in December of the 12th five-year plan key area prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, used in packaging and printing ink also made provisions, must use has made clear that the new packaging and printing project environment mark of ink, requested the volatile organic compounds pollution control as an important content of construction project environmental impact assessment, strict pollution control measures.

to get packaging printing enterprises to use environmental printing ink, 'planning' is put forward to eliminate emissions of volatile organic compounds sectors backward production capacity, eliminate traditional ink under 300 tons/year production device, clamp down on containing benzene solvent ink production, eliminate all no volatile organic compounds collection, recycling and purifying facilities and ink, paint, adhesives and other production equipment. Eliminate other serious pollution of volatile organic compounds, reduction in volatile organic compounds and control without the economic feasibility of technology and products.

'planning' is put forward to study and formulate sheet, architectural coatings, printing ink, adhesives, furniture, dry cleaning products contain organic solvents, such as environment mark product certification standards.

'planning' is not only for new packaging and printing project requirements, also provides packaging printing ink must be used to meet the requirements of environmental protection, drying workshop to install active carbon adsorption equipment such as recycling organic solvent, to plant organic waste gas purification treatment, purification efficiency of 90% or more.
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