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One-piece ink cartridges need to be careful in the process of dismantling

by:Colorunion     2020-09-14
One-piece ink cartridges how to remove and install? In fact this is a technical job, need to pay attention to many details, so you need to very carefully, to ensure the disassembly and installation smoothly, without damage to the machine, dirty clothes. The one-piece ink cartridges need to be careful in the process of dismantling, selenium drum manufacturers drums manufacturers and technical personnel for you in detail, in the process of dismantling should need to pay attention to the following several aspects. A, ink cartridges in the process of dismantling the magnetic roller, magnetic roller, black coating is easy to scratch, magnetic roller is made from aluminium sheath and core. Due to the effect of magnetic core, a few small metal parts is easy to be adsorbed to the surface of a magnetic roller, in the process of relative movement, magnetic coating will be crossed out. Magnetic roller in assemble process, also easy to adsorb to the perimeter of the metal parts, cause accident coating damage. The lack of black coating produces the lack of a word or a pattern on the printing. So tear open outfit, and get a steady magnetic roller, cannot put between, should be placed away from other metal pieces in place, to avoid hard bruising. Second, the ink cartridges in the process of dismantling the drum: the surface of the photosensitive drum coating can be bruising, scratches, and are vulnerable to damage. Incorrect handling could make a perfect photosensitive drum combined with its normal service life in a second, so in the assemble process, not only to avoid direct sunlight, but also to avoid fluorescent lamp irradiation for a long time, in addition to the yellow light on the drum will damage. Ban hard object collisions on the surface of the toner cartridge and directly with the hand touch drum coating printing area, lest leave perspiration, oil, resulting in a bad printing. Three, ink cartridges in the process of dismantling try: compact, when the machine is used within the drum is rotating, charging roller, magnetic roller, in after assembling these parts, to push the drive gear, check whether can turn flexibly. After when cartridges, want again according to the normal rotation direction of the toner cartridge drive drum gear, can ensure the drum flexible turning cartridges to fall after the machine, otherwise it will damage the machine. Four, ink cartridges the positioning problems in the process of dismantling: each component has its own fixed position, by spring or screw positioning, and two parts by powder storehouse and waste powder storehouse plastic clip, screw or connecting shaft core positioning. Assembly of components must be installed, in this way can compact normal machine. Only in one-piece ink cartridges need to pay attention to the above several aspects in the process of dismantling, general is no problem, can be used normally, of course, can also access WWW drums manufacturers drum unit manufacturer. southyusen。 Com consulting ink cartridges disassembling related issues.
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