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Office print common faults ten solution

by:Colorunion     2020-09-18
Office printing fault ten big solution to a common, card 'card' is the common fault of the fax machine is, especially with the new paper or used the fault of the paper are more prone to matting. If there is a 'paper', in a note, when you pick up the paper can only throw the fax machine allows moving parts on the manual, do not blindly pulling on the cover. And as far as possible, once remove ZhengZhi, pay attention to don't put the broken pieces of paper on the fax machine. Second, fax, or print, paper for all white if your fax is thermal type machine, can be positive and negative recording paper installation errors, please place the chart opposite and try again. The fax paper, thermal type machine use only one side coated with chemicals. So installing a wrong in the receiving fax will not print out any words or pictures. If your fax is inkjet machine, it is possible that the nozzle head block, please clean the ink jet head or replace the toner cartridge unit. 3, fax, or printing paper appear black line when the direction when you send the file or the photocopy print files in one or several black line. If is the CCD machine, may be a reflection lens is dirty, if it is CIS fax machines, may be pervious to light glass is dirty. According to the fax machine manual instructions, please use cotton ball or soft cloth dipping alcohol to wipe clean can. If after the cleaning is still couldn't solve the problem, please send your check to send a fax machine. 4 when printing, fax, or paper to appear white line usually this is due to the thermal head ( TPH) Broken wires or stained with dirt. If it is broken wires, should replace the same model of the thermal head. If there is a clear dirt usable cotton ball. Five, paper, unable to feed out please check nothing is embedded into the paper part of the block, the original position scanning sensor failure, the feed roller clearance is too large, and so on. Also should check whether send motor rotation, such as no rotation, and motor shall be checked the relevant circuit and the motor itself is damaged. Six, telephone normal use, if you can't send and receive fax telephone and fax machines share a phone line, please check whether the telephone line connection error. Please insert the telecommunication bureau telephone fax marked 'LINE' jack, insert the extension telephone fax labeled 'TEL' jack. Seven, fax function keys invalid if your fax, the phenomenon of the function key is invalid. First to check whether there is locked keys, then check the power supply, and restart the reset tests to fax again, to remove certain death cycle program. If you still can't solve the problem, please send a check. Eight, after turning on the power supply alarm sound incessantly appear alarm is usually the main circuit board has the abnormal situation is detected, according to the following steps: check for recording paper, paper barns and recording paper is placed in position. Paper cover, front cover is open or close does not reach the designated position. Each sensor are in good condition. If there is a short circuit anomalies such as main control circuit board. After nine, replace the toner cartridge unit, fax, or poor printing effect if it is after change the photoreceptor or iron powder, fax, or print effect is not as good as the original. Please check the bar magnet on both sides of the pulley is in the use of a number of more than 150000 copies have not changed, and make the magnetic brush friction photoreceptor, leading to fax or print effect and life. Advised to replace iron powder and the photoreceptor, please change the magnet with pulley, to ensure that extend the life of the photoreceptor. If it is replaced on or next hot, no original long service life. Please check whether because separation claw, silicone oil bearing rods and ageing, and on the hot or heat shorten service life. Ten, receives the fax font smaller general fax machine with compression will narrow to save paper, but will be different from the original layout is different, can be reference to 'save the paper' closed or restore the factory default values.
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