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Now for the 3 d printing whether consumption label come too early

by:Colorunion     2020-09-03
Recent half a year to find Guo Ge vc. Scientific name in his eyes, rapid prototyping technology is obviously not as good as 3 d printers drums come affinity, and he started too era, it is 3 d printer cartridge again.
in addition to 3 d printer drum unit as a start, quietly into the overseas market for many years, three years ago, too, time and cut into consumer 3 d printer drum unit, Guo Ge ideal is to get the 3 d printer cartridge again eventually to ordinary people.

first strike industrial users Guo Ge is tsinghua university graduates, master when it from the department of mechanical engineering, tsinghua university professor yongnian yan research 3 d printing technology research and development. Dr A graduation in 2003, he founded the too era, become a 3 d printer drum manufacturers.
when our customer orientation is the industrial users. Guo Ge of SMW reporter said, ten years ago, 3 d printing is a new word, a lot of people don't understand, to realize the public users education is difficult, but for some companies such as medical, industrial design, toy class user, they're more likely to accept its business equipment. Of course, 200000 - Priced between 500000, seems to be too audience to focus on the product of the era of the enterprise customers.
maybe from engineering Guo Ge very emphasis on technology, he thinks that technology is too era, 3 d printer drum unit's core competitiveness, guaranteed the quality of the print, high precision, high reliability. He said, in terms of accuracy, too, in the age of 3 d printer drum unit can configure a set of models is complete, a lot of other equipment need to modify the model or rearranged.
because of the high concept acceptance overseas for 3 d printing, lurking in many industrial users, so the sales channel, Guo Ge main sights on overseas. It was not until 2009 that shift.
makes 3 d printing consumable
in 2009, the overseas market has always been a concern of Guo Ge acutely aware of, in addition to industrial users, more and more people for individual 3 d printer drum unit with interest, also formed a special community, BBS, and at home, also some people begin to realize this strange interesting printer drum unit.
3 d printer drum unit made consumption type products, is also my own hope. Guo Ge said too much times previously in industrial 3 d printers drums accumulated technology and experience, crossover to individual users, in fact as long as appropriate to improve existing products, such as to reduce the product size, simplify the system, reduce the cost, to meet individual user requirements. After improvement, the personal 3 d printer drum unit price dropped to below ten thousand yuan.
last year, too, in the era of industrial 3 d printer drum unit sales of several hundred per month, and the number of consumer 3 d printer drum unit for thousands. Haven't to the massive profit phase, but the company didn't survive too big problem. Guo Ge said.
although with technology, while Guo Ge also felt the growing pains of technology.
many users think that 3 d printers drum unit quickly and actually print a large or complex models, typically four or five hours, or even ten hours, device responsive enough, it's easy to lose customers. Guo Ge said, 3 d printing is still in its infancy, fine degree also remains to be perfect, these in the final analysis is the issue of technology, even if is the forerunner of the 3 d printing companies overseas, also face the challenge, all need to he and colleagues continue to continue to improve on technology.
but for now, now is 3 d printing consumption label is come too early.
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