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Note - laser printer maintenance Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-07
1) before turning on the power supply, attention should be paid to the working voltage of laser printer is in line with the external power supply requirements. Foreign purchases a laser printing machine many working voltage is 110 v, don't be wrong.
2. Cover open after electrify check machine, laser printer into the test condition. At this time, it is important to pay special attention to, there may be laser leak, nor casual contact with high pressure parts, more cannot be measured with a multimeter, in order to avoid electric shock and burn out.
after laser printer connected to the power supply, heating equipment of high temperature (160 ~ 220. C), can't use hands touching, so as to avoid burns.
(3) temperature control can make the machine with anxious burnt flavour, this kind of circumstance, should reduce electricity inspection time, avoid fixing heating roller and rubber roller pressure melt overheating and damage. Note that the laser printer preheating time generally in 1. Within 5 min, as a result, such as preheating more than 2 min consider shut off the power, so as not to burn hot roller and other accessories.
4. Do not use large capacity fuse or other conductor, alternative regulation capacity of the fuse and overload protection device. Change when insurance silk to troubleshoot, again in a new fuse, in order to prevent the failure to further expand.
5. Measurement of integrated circuit chips, should adopt the method of measuring chip peripheral circuit connection contact. Prevent measurement chip pins, table touch touch short circuit (because of the integrated circuit the pin arrangement is very close.
6 laser printer connector is very much, want to remember clearly when maintenance their respective position, color, etc. , to prevent the restoration was wrong, cause new fault. All wiring must be fixed according to the original position, prevent cross induction electromagnetic field and print quality decline.
7) replacing new component must use the same components, even substitution components, main parameters must also be consistent, not optional substitution.
end laser printer laser and optical components can disassemble adjustment, or it will cause the laser aging, is focused on the partial move, affect the print effect or cause deformation of the font.
pet-name ruby drum for laser printer components is optional disassembly, photosensitive drum can't touch by hand, more freely with the solvent to wipe, lest damage photoconductive layer, selenium drum component store a cool place, avoid excessive exposure cause scrap.
attending laser printers for the work environment the demand is higher, can't work in particularly humid environment. For paper moisture content is also very strict, cannot use moisture or surface coated with no heat resistance coating paper, otherwise it will cause a paper jam.
11 printer paper jam occurs, should be immediately shut off the power, pause for a period of time to open the machine cover, should first take out the drum unit, gently pull out the jammed paper again according to the paper direction. Can't tug at it, otherwise it will damage the photoelectric sensor lever. The printer power within a short period of time after high pressure still exist, to prevent electric shock.
12 do not adjust circuit branch is adjusting components on the board, so as not to cause the working point offset and time delay circuit, make each work part time order confusion, unable to print the
13 laser printer components, is mostly imported or the manufacturer dedicated components, such as really need to change, had better look for the nearest area help repair station, or access to relevant data, looking for alternative components
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