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Nokia also released out not to live to 3 d printing the company 820 phone sheath design files

by:Colorunion     2020-09-03
On January 20, according to foreign media reports, nokia released some design documents, make the company mobile phone users to use 3 d printers drums made their mobile phone sheath. These design file contains the mechanical drawing, the size of the sheath and recommend the use of materials.

a nokia community manager John & middot; Nilan, ( 约翰Kneeland) Disclosed in the blog the nokia announced 3 d drawings.
the early 3 d printer cartridge again only one color. However, the latest 3 d printers drums to make complex and various colors of objects. This project make nokia seriously support 3 d printing 1 large electronic manufacturers.
said, 3 d printing in the future are likely to produce licensed more mobile plate and the custom component.

, according to the British broadcasting company use these files to make the company nokia 820 mobile phone customers default chassis. He said, 3 d printing is nokia community with great software and hardware engineer to set up in combination with another path. To get the file, be sure to note in the nokia web site registered users.
it is reported that 3 d printing cover to the printer cartridge again send a default file, and then the printer cartridge again using the many levels of molecular compound plastic manufacturing slowly into the solid version of an object.
nilan, expression, nokia is announced that a 3 d print development tools to help users make mobile phone sheath.
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