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No powder drum unit how to add powder

by:Colorunion     2020-09-16
At present domestic brand drums now print now more and more recognized by users, many people choose to buy domestic brand of drum drum unit. And choose add powder. Now a drum factory technicians to teach you how to add powder, ready to work in the first place in the market to buy a bottle of special carbon powder laser drum unit. For laser drums plus powder to prepare some tools, including: screwdriver, diagonal cutting pliers ( Sharp cutting pliers) The tiger, cotton, wool brush, leather ( Or hair dryer) And so on. After these tools ready, here began to remove the drum. And remove the drum unit from the drum drum unit first, find the drums fixed screw on the cover, use a screwdriver remove the screw fixed drum cover ( General is 2) And to put away their screws. With 'one' word screwdriver, gently pry the cover card buckle, then open the drum cover. Some helpful hints: drum is compact with wire as a card, then pulled out a bayonet gently with diagonal cutting pliers wire can open the drum cover. Then see drums box is divided into two parts, which are connected to the drum core is spent cartridges, part of the compressor with a spring clip is carbon cartridges, add carbon powder should be new carbon powder added to the carbon powder compact. Open the drum lid with residual waste toner spatter of the drum unit box, in order to prevent pollution, should be in the table with a newspaper. 3, clean up the remaining toner many drums when replacement is not actually the carbon powder completely exhausted, the waste powder compact or carbon tend to leave some toner cartridges, if not be cleared, adding carbon powder and the original carbon powder is likely due to incompatible block solid formation, so must first before adding carbon powder will clean up the original toner. Clean up, the first pour clean waste cartridges cartridges and carbon carbon powder, and then use the brush gently remove residual carbon on the edge of the toner cartridges. Brush can clean up the place with the tiger skin or hair dryer clean waste toner. Hint: use hair dryer dry carbon at the bottom of the waste toner cartridges, there will be a lot of carbon powder dust fly out, in order not to contaminate other equipment, the operation should be carried out in outdoor. Clean up the powder of carbon in the carbon powder compact, brush with wool and the carbon cartridges toner clean around. Clean up the carbon powder compact and waste after waste toner cartridges, here also for the waste toner on the charging roller, magnetic roller to clean up, the following is to clean up the charging roller as an example, the introduction of cleaning method. See clear when charging roller, charging roller fixed screw ( In both sides of the charging roller head) Under the screwdriver, screws. From the drum unit carefully remove the charging roller. General charging roller at both ends with plastic gears, wipe off before you charge at the ends of the roller gear. Helpful hints: charging roller and drum drum core is very close, drum core surface has a special coating, this coating once damage will affect the print effect. So when removing the two parts do not use a screwdriver contact drum core. Take out the charging roller, with cotton or soft cloth to clean up the waste powder on the charging roller. Clean up after charging will roll back on the drum unit box, and good at the ends of the screw. Then you can introduce according to above clear charging roller carbon powder on the method of magnetic roller to clean up. Four, adding a new carbon powder clear through the above, you can add new carbon powder into the toner cartridge unit box, add the purchase of powdered carbon cap screw, the seal off the bottle and the carbon powder slowly pour drum unit carbon powder compact, until add full. The carbon powder into carbon in order to avoid carbon dust outside, can use the printer paper pad in the carbon powder compact, easy to add powder carbon powder compact. Waste toner after adding carbon powder compact and compact cover screw down the screws. Then with a clean brush or soft cloth to wipe the drums around the carbon powder. Before the drum unit put into drums, about shaking drum unit by hand, and make the carbon powder in the drum unit uniform distribution, so that later can normal print. Well, after the above operations, has been for selenium drum filling toner. Then according to remove the steps to install the parts back to the laser drum unit. How, is also pretty simple to operate, if you laser cartridge again also want to add new toner, might as well or online consulting drums common problems on their own.
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