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New markets running figure to develop high-performance drum unit

by:Colorunion     2020-09-12
Into the drum unit highly competitive market, running of the figure is only two options, either research and development production faster, more powerful encryption drum performance, or to be eliminated. In this background, the running of the figure has launched a new series of all-in-one. Running figure M6500/6550/6600 series has the specialty the twin-engine scanning drive, can greatly improve the work efficiency. At the same time, scanning speed are better than most of the machine. Perform a new rapid double drum P3500DN month up to 80000 pages, can effectively reduce the leaflet printing costs, meet the needs of large perform a user. Relying on its core drum unit technology, running figure users can also have a special security requirements for the custom toner cartridge unit, to ensure the safety of the user information. Most of the hardware distributors only downstream profit from the value chain, thus, it is difficult to both the needs of customers in the monopoly market and business profits. However, once the market competition, which is associated with more high quality and low price products. Figure believe after entering a new market, will provide new opportunities for partners, help them to enter into the mainstream of drum industry.
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