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Near the graduation season print shop paper consumption of 5000 a day

by:Colorunion     2020-09-12
Another year to graduation season, the graduates before leaving school, after also need to submit a 'homework' - — Graduation thesis. Many graduates 'headache' paper change not only, still fun paper printing waste paper and 'burn money'. Reporter investigation part of nanjing university found that before the draft, a person must be at least 5 - 7 papers, the number of pages, light print even have spent hundreds of dollars, and modify a little bit about the format, need to print the whole thesis, it makes many students feel 'is a waste,' and students suggested, 'change stage, the teacher should read online. 'A university jiangning area print shop, coincided with the time class was over, has lined up outside the door. The bustling crowd, all crowded in a 10 square meters of the little room, some waiting beside the selenium toner cartridge, some adjustment in front of the computer format. According to the staff of the print shop, four in May each year, is busy in the store, there are many graduates to print paper, less a dozen pages, or even hundreds of pages, usually printed five to seven in the majority of the students, 'especially in late April, a lot of classmates printing paper, sometimes a day will require a box of 5000 pieces of paper. 'Staff said. 'Our professional graduation thesis requirement is 15000 to 20000 words or so, print out probably need more than a dozen pages of A4 paper, but plus cover, catalogue summary, as well as the reference papers, estimated to page thirty or so. 'The school of humanities and social sciences senior classmates often say to the reporter, has written more than 30 pages of her graduation thesis, five were printed, in addition to a copy of the school, oneself still retains a, and the teacher review is used in the defense. But according to what she says, because the process such as after the first draft needs to be revised, actually going to number the number of copies to print. In xianlin universities in a printing shop, millet is adjusting the thesis format, I this one down is 150 pages, according to different colleges, professional, specific pages is not the same. 'There will be 200 pages, or even 300 pages I have seen. 'Millet said. Again and again modification to printing, waste paper and waste. I just print out two copies of papers, a total of 40 pieces of A4 paper. 'College of art and wang told reporters after, but this is just the first draft, modify will come again after printing,' although the print paper as long as 1 cent, but the first draft will waste a few sheets of paper, still feel a little waste of money. 'This research three ronaldinho ( Not his real name) Said, because there are nine teacher, when she print 10 this plea, spent 70 multivariate. 'I think that waste is modified version to the teacher at ordinary times, we are 50000 words, I will give the teacher changes at least six or seven times, each time he modified part is outline, more light is preliminary reply before, I give him to see the five times, more is to let I change directory, and summary and conclusion. And each print is adjust format, that is to say as long as change, in front of a few pages of a secret book, power of attorney, the author signature to retype it again every time. 'Fortunately, I was more than 70 pages, still have 100 pages of my roommate, every time we're holding only to turn back a few pages of a thick stack of papers, is really a waste. 'Ronaldinho ( Not his real name) Think, 'in fact, before finalizing the teacher can see digital. 'Digital technology security, digital print cannot be replaced. Ntu, deputy director of the office of the Wang Wei tells a reporter, there is no specific provision in the ntu students have to print the paper version of the paper to the teacher. 'Only after the paper as part of the teaching archives management, students must submit a copy of the electronic paper and a paper print, electronic form is mainly used for paper quality checking, and rechecking some colleges do save, save and print is a must to two years after graduation, in case the check again. 'According to his understanding, the school's undergraduate major, in the form of an email communication with your instructor. 'After all, the teacher and not in office, and has its own scientific research tasks, the paper conveying process is also very trouble, so they will choose mail contact. Southeast university academic department chief levy said, 'paper submitted to one of the links is to students to' good faith commitment to the book 'sign in the graduation thesis, if they give up paper files, submit the electronic version, only signature, how to ensure the effectiveness? So, the legal validity of digital signature technology remains to be perfect. In addition, if completely give up paper archive, use digital technology to save paper, one thousand network system was hacked, cause data lost or stolen, it can cause the loss of the graduation thesis, queries to the student. From the development trend of the now, the number of paper files may be reduced. 'Digital archives development does not mean paper will disappear, on the contrary, paper files as precious data save, has an irreplaceable position. ”
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