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Magnetic roller, magnetic roller, charge roller, conductive shell were introduced Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-08
Magnetic roller consists of a conductive performance with high-density sponge roller and plastic casing, when an electric current passes through, around the roll forming electromagnetic fields, appeal to take charge of toner. Inferior toner or cartridge improper selection is easy to damage the plastic casing and silicon steel blade, printed text does not look like off strokes.
magnetic roller set of commonly used on the permanent magnetic roller, respectively set on both ends of the magnetic roller, insulation and auxiliary regulate the amount of the powder toner.
charging roller is one of the components of homemade drum unit, by a conductive rubber, the performance of closely contact with the drum. Its role is to contact with the photosensitive drum parts evenly filled with the same polarity and voltage allelic charge. Figure 5 - 5 for charging roller.

is the role of conductive shell fragments of different high pressure to every part of homemade drum unit.
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