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Learn to maintain drum reduce the printing cost

by:Colorunion     2020-09-17
You may have encountered such a situation, good carry of the drums suddenly can't print, as will use machine will not repair the machine we always feel very helpless, have to ask professional to repair, as a result, unconsciously added the office cost. Many of these problems can be avoided, drums suddenly can't print, may be because the work time is too long or toner cartridge is used up, if do daily maintenance work, many problems can be avoided. On a regular basis to clean when the drum unit in use after a period of time, more or less will be polluted, we found that the output of the text, blurred, bottom ash is aggravating and glyph longer, this needs to clean the drum unit. Before cleaning the drum unit components carefully removed, then use absorbent cotton or lens paper, such as dust particles on the surface of the photosensitive toner cartridge is wiped clean, but not too hard, just in case the surface scratch. Then also use absorbent cotton or lens paper, dip in on photosensitive drum special cleaner brush try its surface, wipe delimit along one direction should be taken when the spiral coil method wiped gently, polished immediately after use absorbent cotton to clean detergent. With gauze with talcum powder on the drum surface pat a layer of talcum powder, can be put to use, ended in complete the whole cleaning process. Remove waste powder to add users, over a period of time after use, waste powder will have accumulated waste collection storehouse, if not, keep clear of light can affect the printing effect, serious can lead to powder leakage occurred. In the event of leakage powder can directly lead to the output of the manuscript to appear on the irregular black, black, if without clear and continue to use the waste powder waste powder is piling up, friction with the drum pressure is becoming more and more tight, will put the photosensitive drum photosensitive drum coating on the surface of ground, and damage the whole drum unit. Removal method is very simple, as long as will collect open positions, with cotton or tissue waste powder directly take out clean. Don't let the drums overworked any one thing has its workload, organic silicon light conductor drum unit is, however, the problem of the work 'fatigue' remains the same. If long time continuous use, light affect printing effect, or declared to strike, therefore, the user must remember appropriately to selenium toner cartridge a rest period of time. Generally, if is continuous to output a lot of work, is recommended to eight 12 hours to rest once and long use, good in use after period of time to spare for a week or longer before use. But it will surely affect the user's work, so I suggest you buy more than two drums used interchangeably, so you can avoid drums fatigue does not affect the work at the same time.
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