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Laser selenium drum drum filling toner matters needing attention

by:Colorunion     2020-09-18
Laser drums are keen to have been love, because the laser drums are: printing speed, high print quality, print, less noise. However, the heart of the laser selenium drum, as important parts - — Selenium toner cartridge, and makes people love and hate, because of its high price. So use after a period of time, users will drum unit to fill the toner. If the laser selenium drum drum unit can be recycled after run out of time, this can reduce the amount of selenium drum scrap in great quantities, reduce the pollution to the environment. Selenium drum filling powder technology can greatly reduce the printing cost, drum unit in carbon powder after drum unit the main parts in the drum core, scraper, charging roller is in good condition, do the technology processing, filled with special toner can be used again. Due to the use of the regenerated filling powder, 1 to 3 times the original drum unit sales decreased by 50% ~ 70% less, directly to save the cost of 30% to buy original drum unit. Due to the specific structure of the every kind of drum is different, the user can according to the actual situation when replacing the concrete study, can remember the location of the steps and accessories, it takes a under unloading, loading. For drum filling toner must be pure laser toner, otherwise it will shorten the drum unit time, pollution machine at the same time. Want to choose alternative carbon powder of the same model, high quality. Should wear masks when filling carbon powder, mat newspaper, because the toner contains toxic substances. After the laser selenium drum drum unit decomposition, to replace the necessary accessories. Appear, for example, the presence of powder weight, and the walls black vertical stripes, laser selenium toner cartridge drum surface was full of carbon powder, will be in scraper, print a copy of regularity on black spot, this is the drum core itself has been damaged or serious aging, it is need to replace the drum core.
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