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Laser printers - general maintenance step Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-07
Laser printer repair, can be divided into question, observation and detection of three steps.
(1). Just like the doctor to the patient sees a doctor, to ask the operator's use of the printer, make clear the printer to buy time, the size of the print work, often use what kind of printing paper, etc. According to the information provided by the operators and make a basic judgement and reasonable explanation. And the possible problems in the process of maintenance to inform users, solicit opinions of the users, as far as possible to cooperate well. Because to a certain extent, the operator more than maintenance personnel familiar with the usage of the printer.
2) observation. It is an intuitive and easy method, first observe the printer using the environment, print media is in line with the standards, necessary to open the machine cover to observe any loose parts, damage, to check the machines internal pollution is serious. Who can check observed parts, with the hand touch the parts with presence of loosening, temperature is too high, or burning. If it is printing results appear problem, but by looking at the print proof, judge fault reason analysis. Computer cover connected to the power, then watched machine plate = light state, see if the printer can smoothly through the introspection, & other; Prepare & throughout; The indicator light is normal. If the panel & other; Wrong lamp & throughout; Bright flash, or machine there is peculiar smell, and should be immediately shut off the power supply in case of failure to expand, and overall check on to the next step.
(3) detection, it is using the instrument to measure. According to the different models of technical indicators, measuring the resistance of each testing point, electric voltage, electric current value, determine the cause of the failure. Laser printer circuit structure is more complex, USES pulse, photoelectric, sequential circuits, mostly measure have certain difficulty. But according to the work experience, laser printers, main control circuit failure occurs rarely, general fault occurs mostly in the power supply circuit, temperature control device and photoelectric sensors and mechanical transmission device etc. When maintenance should be adopted for the parts of failure, the corresponding maintenance method.
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