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Laser printers commonly used maintenance method Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-07
Common maintenance methods
laser printer repair methods generally can be divided into the following four, namely segmentation method, the panel method, vibration method, substitution method.
(1) segmentation method. Laser printers are integrated with laser, electronic, optical, mechanical equipment, by analyzing the failure phenomenon, can take & other; Split & throughout; Means of fault judgment and maintenance. First of all, where is the cause of this failure is a part, if it is occurred in the optical or mechanical parts, other parts can be ruled out, focus on the failure part. This is usually referred to segmentation.
(2) the panel method. Panel method is a more intuitive, it is according to the state of the printer panel light, or in the display window shows the code information, adopt corresponding method of troubleshooting. Panel reflected by the code, is provided by the printer control system testing and information. Of course, not all & other; An error & throughout; Information is one hundred percent correct, there are some failures are caused by a chain reaction in other fault, but the information for the experienced maintenance personnel is very useful.
3. Vibration method. Maintenance, check the laser printer, adopt the method of vibration check is very effective. Especially for older or use the time for a long time, but no obvious fault of printer this method is especially effective. Method of vibration mode of operation can be varied, & ndash; As is lapping machine by hand or with tapping, light objects of the insulation circuit component, when a specific parts Er obstacles disappear, basic can visually determine fault is here.
because the laser printer is a combination of multiple techniques, and its working environment is relatively poor, some parts of the working voltage is very high, 'collectors some parts easy to aging, oxidation, resultant damage or burn, internal dust more printer is particularly much, which can cause the printer soft fault. These reasons caused by poor contact parts can cause work good with bad, so the seismic dynamic method in the process of repair is a good way to easy.
(4) substitution method, which USES the new components or other similar components to replace some components in the printer. Sometimes, in the process of maintenance of failure parts difficult to accurately determine whether the damage, at hand and no special testing instruments, at this point, the fault about the possibility of parts can be analyzed and adopt new substitute temporarily replace components. For separation of component replacement, there are three inch may can not find the original models of components, the alternative similar types of components, but the components of the main parameters must be consistent. When the printer main motor or scan motor crystal vibration damage character deformation occurs, the frequency of the crystals being replaced values must be in conformity with the original standard Keisuke. If it is power supply protection device damage, also can make up for the main method to replace the quantitative open time, such as pressure sensitive resistance, thermal drive off. When I couldn't find, can temporarily removed, or use break time to fill the way of the Lord, after finding components such as change. But the circuit protection problems, must be very careful in this way.
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