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by:Colorunion     2020-09-06
For a man who often replace the drum unit, the laser printer in selenium drum is a piece of cake. But for the first time in the laser printer drum unit person may be a difficult task, let's explain it with new drum unit as an example for each laser printers in the whole process of drum unit, as well as the matters needing attention.
new drum drum core usually have a piece of black anti exposure paper cover, and the magnetic roller and a seal seal between powder storehouse, as shown in the figure below. Before installation open packaging carton first, and then hands holding a drum or a couple of shakes the powder, the powder evenly in the warehouse, and then we tore down below the black paper and smoke exposure prevention sandwiched between magnetic roller and powder storehouse of seals. And then put into the laser printing, cover the lid printer can be used.

in the process of change, need to pay attention to the following:
1, in the process of the maintenance and replacement, it is strictly prohibited to use hand to touch the surface of the drum drum core, but also prevent the hard object collisions.
2, try not to let the drum unit is exposed to sunlight or strong light source directly, don't open the barn door on the drum unit, if the time more than ten minutes of continuous exposure to strong light, high photosensitive drum is discarded.
3, to avoid the high humidity, high temperature, cold environment, use and preservation of toner low carbon powder once will be affected with damp be affected with damp agglomerate, affect print effect or cause print color shallow, also in the drum unit from low to high temperature environment, the best is put on hold for a period of time ( More than an hour) To use again.
4, do not turn the drum drum core, with the hand drum core it is important to note that the rotation direction, if the direction of rotation is wrong, when will the damage parts printed powder leakage or print smear.
there is a magnetic roller in 5, drums, it is a cover of magnetic roller particles, so make sure your drum unit away from the magnetic material such as displays, hard disk, speakers, avoid the phenomenon of magnetization, thus affecting printing quality.
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