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Laser printer in it - Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-05
Laser printers in selenium drum, please answer this question, first of all, I give you explain, laser printer with one-piece drum drum unit points and separate.
one-piece drum unit is our commonly used HP, cannon drum unit, it is a photosensitive drum with a powder capsule, after giving out a new drum, if the drum is not bad, need to remove the photosensitive drum and powder storehouse can add powder, if bad have to change a photosensitive drum or replace a new drum unit to use.
separate drum is less on the market with panasonic, epson laser printer with selenium drum, the photosensitive drum and powder storehouse are separated, under the condition of the photosensitive drum is not bad, just remove the powder storehouse and then mount can be used, if the drum is broken, also had to be removed in a new photosensitive drum. So the laser printer is drum unit you want to change, namely using a separate drum unit, photosensitive drum is broken in the drum, too.
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