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Laser printer drum unit ageing breakdown maintenance - Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-08
Laser printers use after a long time, the output of text will appear blurred image, bottom ash is aggravating, and the problem of glyph longer its reason is commonly selenium drum surface film aging,
to buy some chromium trioxide, take 3 - every time 5 g, dip in with cotton wool directly some of chromium trioxide, along the direction of the drum shaft, gently and evenly, without missing to wipe it again. Fatigue of selenium drum surface layer can be removed, not yet old photosensitive surface.
to be very careful when wiping, avoid nails will drum scratch each other hard objects, more greatly too forcibly not, lest the drum scratches, torn and make homemade drum unit scrap.
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