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Laser printer consumables to regenerate - Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-07
With the development of social economy, environmental problems has become an inevitable important issues. In our country, environmental protection is a basic national policy. On March 1, 2007 of the 'electronic information product pollution control management method' has become the electronics industry guide to environmental protection. Electronic products in the lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls ( PBB) , polybrominated diphenyl ether ( PBDE) Pollution to the environment and give the personal damage is immeasurable. So you should use of printer cartridges the carbon cycle, to reduce pollution, meet environmental protection requirements.
when making material regeneration should pay attention to the following problems:
(1) before to take extra attention, don't put the drum core is exposed to strong light over a long period of time, this will make the drum core partial aging is accelerated, thus affect the quality of the print. After more scratch drum core don't let hard objects, scratches is irreparable, this will bring the unnecessary cost.
2. Do not use hand direct contact heat transfer with as far as possible, because the hand oil chemical changes will cause the transfer printing belt, affect the quality of the transfer printing belt.
3. See the misuse of anhydrous alcohol in May happen in the maintenance of cleaning a machine, the transfer printing belt is made clean can not use any chemical reagent, also can not contact with water. If must cleaning a transfer belt, can wipe gently with cotton wool.
(4) when adding powder, the operator had better wear masks, because carbon powder for very small solid particles, composition of have the effect of harmful substances. In the operating area should as far as possible without wind, which can prevent dust pollution. In the process of the whole operation should always pay attention to clean job, minimize pollution.
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