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Laser printer cartridge again - the common failures Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-08
Homemade drum unit components common breakdown maintenance
laser printer drum unit mainly includes the drum unit powder leakage, the common failures, print out the black line to print color is not normal, print image text deformation, print the image blurred, image dim, etc.
the cause of these failures is mainly drum unit aging fatigue, selenium drum scratches, drums failure of scraping board, drum unit installation.
1。 Powder leakage fault repair
laser printer drum powder leakage failure is usually due to injury or drum unit to the selenium drum shell inside the magnetic roller accumulated powder. Powder leakage fault repair method is as follows.
first observe selenium drum surface had scratches. If you have, can only replace the drum unit; If there are no scratches, and then will drum core clockwise to turn in circles.
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