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Laser drums than inkjet cartridge again saves the cost

by:Colorunion     2020-09-09
Buyers use inkjet or buy laser selenium drum? The total cost of ownership ( TCO) Is the standard. A drum unit use fixed number of year for an average of three years, from the beginning to buy scrap, the drum unit you have actual total cost = purchase cost + drum unit cost, maintenance cost, and during the use, it creates value for you? Combined analysis of small and medium-sized enterprise users laser drum unit of choose and buy is good. Is fine print drum unit cost per page printing costs include two parts, part of share purchase cost, the other part is the toner cartridge unit cost. When perform a hour, purchasing cost in the total cost of a single share; When perform gradually rise, the drum unit cost has become a decisive factor.

drums are indispensable in the enterprise office supplies, daily business documents need to print, is much higher than home users perform, drum unit investment also increase many accordingly.

spray that how to draw and excitation played the drum unit cost? Can use the following two simple formula: drum unit cost per page = drums/present selenium drum drum unit price/drum printing life monthly drum unit cost = drum unit cost per page x monthly perform a

home inkjet cartridge again an original drum unit of 200 yuan, selenium drum life of about 300 pages ( A4) The document, the average drum unit cost per page is 0. 65 yuan, the price of the two drums is close to once again to buy a new inkjet cartridge again equipment! Look at laser selenium drum, an original drum unit is controlled 500 yuan, selenium drum life is about 2500 pages, the average drum unit cost per page is 0. 2 yuan.

after printing cost per page of the above, we can easily draw the drum unit cost of two products: if an enterprise's month playing print runs to 1500 pages, so household spray played the drum unit cost is 975 yuan, laser selenium drum drum unit cost is 300 yuan. The same perform, use fixed number of year, same home inkjet cartridge again purchase the advantage of low cost, with using slowly cut, laser printing costs of drum unit with the lower more instead.

as a result, the growing enterprise and SOHO users need a print job frequently outputs, should choose laser drum unit, ink jet printing money that is not founded in commercial printing applications. Application and maintenance costs is more important in the office used household spray dozen of enterprise users know, due to high print load of nozzle clogging is a common phenomenon, therefore, the maintenance cost is a big cost; Laser printing toner cartridge unit month load for thousands of pages, completely can be competent for printing requirements of high load. And since the 2001 HP is put forward for small and medium-sized enterprise in the first place of laser drum unit offer three years warranty service, now most of the vendors can provide laser drum unit with a three-year warranty, for neither professional technology, staff and ordinary small and medium-sized enterprises do not have much of IT knowledge, and reduce maintenance costs a very considerable.

in addition, the laser drum unit has a good scalability, can with the development of the business, achieving higher performance, more functionality and consumer inkjet cartridge again on this apparently can't meet the demand. Inspection cost performance in addition to the pure cost considerations, we need to review the return value of selenium drum, highlight is the embodiment of the efficiency and quality print, small and medium-sized enterprise business attribute determines their high standard request for print speed and print quality.

laser selenium drum printing speed is much faster than inkjet cartridge again, even if the nominal spray print speed compared to the same excited to play in play, its actual output speed will still be a lot faster. In an average of 12 PPM printing speed index, the laser drums have a more significant advantage is the home page output time is fast, page home page output time is from the printed instructions to output the time it takes to print jobs, most small and medium-sized enterprise daily print file for 2 ~ 3 page, home page output time is fast, the print job to complete the speed will be improved significantly. HP LaserJet1010 series home page output time was only about 10 seconds, its speed is the envy of consumer inkjet cartridge again.

from the print effect, in the class, the level of the resolution, laser selenium drum print quality is much better than inkjet cartridge again, because it used drum unit carbon powder is much the size of drops, so printing precision is much better than inkjet printing.

it is a standard with TCO, made after the above analysis can be found that during the commercial printing, home inkjet cartridge again cannot get full application performance advantages. While laser selenium drum excellent performance with longer duration of use increasingly exposed, laser selenium drum is cheaper than inkjet cartridge again.
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