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Laser drum unit seven kinds of common failures

by:Colorunion     2020-09-16
In 2020, we work in printing problems, such as laser drum unit seven kinds of common failures. 1. Laser laser selenium drum drum paper common fault is a paper jam. Appear this kind of failure, will flashing lights on the operation panel, and issue a warning signal to the host. Rule out the failure method is very simple, only need to open the machine cover, remove the stuck of the paper. But should pay attention to, must be take paper feed direction, must not turn any switch in the opposite direction. If often cardboard, paper check into the channel, the front edge of the paper is just on the top of the metal plate. Take the paper roll is part of the laser printing easy to wear. When sheng paper plates in the paper is normal, and no method of drawing paper, often take paper roll wear loose or spring, pressure is not enough, not put paper into the machine. Take paper roll wear and slow to change, available winding rubber band method for emergency treatment. After winding rubber band, increases the friction, rolling paper can make feed back to normal. In addition, the paper plates installed is not straight, the paper quality is bad, Too thick, thin, be affected with damp be affected with damp) , can also cause a paper jam or can't take the paper's fault. 2. Blank laser drum unit output of the cause of the fault may be developing roller not suck to toner ( Dc bias by developing roller) , also may be the drum off ground, due to the negative charge are unable to discharge, a laser beam to work on the photosensitive drum, and therefore won't be able to print the words on the paper. Photosensitive drum not rotating, there will be no image generation and to the paper, so make sure the drum can be normal rotation. Disconnect printing mechanical and electrical source, take out the ink cartridges, open the lid of notches, put a mark in the drum of photosensitive area after reloading machines. Switched on for a while, and then remove the check mark moved, can judge the drum is working correctly. If not normal supply toner or laser beam is blocked, will also cause a blank sheet of paper. Therefore, we should check finished using the toner, drum unit is properly loaded machines, sealing tape whether has already been or laser channels if there were any obstructions. It is important to note that the inspection be sure to shut off the power supply, because a laser beam can damage your eyes. 3. Printing paper output black primary corona discharge failure or control circuit is out of order, makes the laser has been launched, print content completely black phenomenon. Then you should check the corona wire is disconnected or corona voltage whether deposit, the laser beam path in the beam detector is working correctly, because these a few respects is directly related to the output effect. 4. Output the handwriting slants thin ink cartridges toner is less, developing roller enhancement within the voltage on the low side and the toner is not polarized charged and could not be transferred to the photosensitive drum, can print the handwriting slants thin phenomenon. A flick out the ink cartridges, such as printing effect did not improve, should replace the ink cartridges or ask professional maintenance personnel for processing. In addition, some drums have a set of photosensitive ink cartridges below switch, is used to adjust the intensity of laser, make it match well with the sensitivity of toner. If the switch is set incorrectly, can also cause printing handwriting slants thin. 5. Output when erect white stripes on the installation of the mirror on the top of the drum if there is any dirt, absorb the encountering the dirt on the mirror with laser, cannot reach on the photosensitive toner cartridge, thus in the printing paper is formed on a narrow strip of white stripes. Secondary corona line typed in the passage below, will attract dust and paper scraps, corona parts some part will become dirty or blocked, so as to prevent toner from the photosensitive drum is transferred to the paper, can also cause playing printed paper to form a narrow strip of white stripe. Ink cartridges failure, often can cause a large area the handwriting. A flick to remove the ink cartridges, make toner evenly distributed inside the box, such as improvement is not big, still should replace the ink cartridges. 6. Printing paper on unilateral black laser beam scanning outside the normal range, the drum at the top of the mirror position change, failure, ink cartridges toner concentration inside the box side, etc. , are likely to produce drums unilateral black fault. Remove the ink cartridges, gently shaking, make the toner evenly distributed inside the box, if still cannot improve, replace the toner cartridge unit. 7. Printing paper repeated dirty mark on a piece of paper through the drum unit, the machine within the 12 roll around more than once. Big photosensitive drum a 2 to 3 times, paper roll can be a more than 10 times. When there is equal interval of dirty mark on paper, may be caused by the roll of dirt or damage. Assumptions on a roll with stains, such as dirty mark close distance, may be small roll forming; Are far apart, you should check a few bigger roll. Measure the distance between the dirty mark, and then use the type to figure out the cause of dirty mark roll diameter, roll diameter = dirty mark distance/PI. For HP laser selenium drum, the drum diameter of 3. 75 inches ( 91mm) ,
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